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Maunby Fascias, Soffits & Guttering Quotes

Fascia boards are available in every design and material that you can possibly think of. You can get them all over the UK including in Maunby.

Through our site its possible to compare several prices in the Maunby area. It is definitely the most efficient way to look online and get the best price on local fascia, soffits and guttering, plus it’s really easy with our online quote form.

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Your Maunby home roofline is the most exposed and vulnerable feature of any property. It is extremely susceptible to weathering and hazards such as blocked gutters which can lead to a more rapid rot of timber fascias – get a free fascia, soffit or guttering quote today from local Maunby companies, simply fill in your details to get the best prices in the Maunby area.


Maunby Fascia, Soffit & Guttering Companies

General Fascia info –

The fascia or fascias of a building are the boards that run along the outer walls, where the outer walls of the property meet the roof. Sometimes, this is referred to as the roof line. The main board holds the gutters of the building in place. The fascia is directly attached to the trusses of the roof, and runs all the way along the roof’s lower edge.

The fascia serves an important purpose, by supporting the lower roof tiles. It stabilises and carries all the weight of the building’s gutters. These gutters can be heavy during rainfall, when they become full of rushing water. Ensuring that the fascia is in top shape is vital to the security of the roof.

General soffit info –

The soffit is the board that accompanies the fascia. It is connected to the fascia and runs underneath it. In fact, this is the board that is most visible from the ground. Typically, the soffit has numerous ventilation holes, to stop condensation accumulating in the roof’s interior. This helps to prevent the accelerated decay of timber within the roof. An alternative solution is to use the area above the fascia board for ventilation. Indeed, this latter option is becoming more popular with modern home owners.

In addition to the soffit and the fascia, the box end is another major roof line component. This is used where the fascia rejoins the wall (apart from in mid-terraces). Normally, box ends incorporate barge boards running down from the eaves of gable ends. They must fit snugly at the end of soffits and fascias, to provide the right protection from weather conditions.


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